Sunday, February 13, 2011

Truly fine.

"This is for the "I'm fine" girls. The girls whose hearts are actually breaking. The girls who smile and nod. The girls who are madly in love with a boy. The girls who blinks back their tears. The girls who secretly cry themselves to sleep. The girls who listen to sad music alone. The girls who stare longingly at couple in the malls. Because despite what we tell everyone else, we are not fine. We are not fine at all."

taken from tumblr.

I am fine, very very fine.

pssst, do not ever care about me.
thank you.

p slash s: dah besar kan. boleh fikir sendiri mana baek, mana buruk. nasihat untuk kebaikan, menggalakkan untuk keburukan. jangan tanya lepas ni kenapa aku tak ambil tahu. :)

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sob sob..cedihnyer blog iyer

sedih jadah nya. hahak. ;D

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