Wednesday, March 2, 2011

with love;

to my dearest friend,

let go of the things that you are not supposed to hold to. they made you happy once, but maybe this time, they'll make someone happier.

be strong friend,
this is not your ending.
but this is experience that you will learn from it,
and can make your life wonderful. ;)

psst; tak semestinya bercinta bertahun tahun akhir dengan perkahwinan yang kekal abadi, dan yang tak pernah bercinta akan berseorangan sampai ke tua. remember, ajal maut jodoh semua ketentuan ALLAH S.W.T, wait and see.

p slash s: count the day until 8 and 9 march. nak kirim pape? boleh. boleh blah ! hikhik. ;P

2 ratus ribu komen:

be strong k!
being single isn't as hard as you think.

oh no. i have to rephrase that..

being SINGLE is the BEST thing in the whole world!!!!

remember, you still have friends and most importantly, your FAMILY!

and if, they also cannot help you ease the pain..
then, turn to God. He always there. always..


naf; aku suke statement ni ! "being SINGLE is the BEST thing in the whole world!!!!" hihi.

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